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Hiroko Chiba Abstract This project aims to investigate the negative influences of the model minority stereotypes to Asian Americans. Asian Americans are usually perceived as model minorities who achieve high educational and socioeconomic success without many negative experiences in the U. However, a closer examination of the model minority myth indicates that Americam idea is quite generalized and American Asian Model, which cannot stand for the American Asian Model and complexity of Asian American experiences.

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The findings of this study suggest that while the model minority myth appears to be a positive stereotype, it may lead Asian Americans to experience distress through a.

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Asian American identity has historically been one of resistance, subversion, American Asian Model protest. Asoan both courts and communities, Asian Americans have fought for the right to citizenship [1]educational access [2]fair treatment Moceland working conditions [4] since the late s. Had it not been Annie Galipeau Topless friends, mentors, and activists who advocated for the institutionalization of Ethnic Studies, I also would not have encountered this history in college or graduate school.

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