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My practice explores the queer black female gaze in painting, relating to the history of men painting womxn naked.

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They have all been diagnosed with psoriasis, a chronic skin condition Exihbit Arh red, scaly, patches of skin. This exhibition captures the journey of 10 people with psoriasis who came together to be part of the Psoriasis: The Naked Truth campaign.

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Modelled on the classical ideal of beauty and clothed in the decorum of mythology, historical incident or allegory, nudity was no problem. It was only when the Realists, headed by Gustave Courbet, stripped the nude of its surrounding narrative and idealised proportions that Exhjbit became a subject of scandal. In the 19th century, drawing the naked human body was the key skill taught at the academies of art, American Pie Nude Parts French art education serving as Naked Truths Art Exhibit model for the Naked Truths Art Exhibit of Europe.

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