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Balance Bike Toddler is a family business run out of Atlanta, GA, USA. We have two young boys and we dreamed of their first ride on a bicycle with a huge smile on their face, kicking off a lifetime of riding. However, when our oldest was turning 4 and we starting shopping for his first pedal bike, we quickly became aware of the challenges. The first problem was that many of the bikes we looked at weighed more than he did. They had narrow wheel bases and the overall geometry of the bikes seemed to be poorly designed for a small child. Even though our son was tearing it up on his balance bike, he was tentative on the pedal bike we’d been given and wasn’t picking it up. After searching, we found some well-designed, lightweight bikes that were actually built with a small child in mind. They just weren’t stocked at our local bike shops. We purchased one and our child was pedaling within days. What a difference the right bicycle made in how much easier it was for our son to learn to pedal! We knew we weren’t the only parents with this same challenge. A business was born!

At Balance Bike Toddler, our goal is to provide high quality, fun products that inspire a lifelong love of cycling in kids. We only stock products we would provide for our own children. We hope you will be just as happy as we strive to reach our goal of 100% customer happiness.

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